31st July, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Well its all coming to an end now. Just sitting in my hotel waiting for my shuttle to come and take me to the airport. I thought my flight was at 7pm, which it probably was at some stage in the planning. So I organised for the shuttle to pick me up at 4pm and […]


29th July, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Spent yesterday and last night just wandering around the place and catching trains here and there. Was waiting for it to get dark for some night photos. When it doesn’t even start to get dark till about 10pm its kind of annoying. Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day though. Its the final stage of the […]


27th July, 2007 by Dave Prentis

I’ve arrived in Paris (again). My plane got in from Toulouse at midday, I called the shuttle company, and the woman specifically said where to go, and I went there. What threw me was she said departure level, which didn’t make sense. An hour or so passed, and no one shows. So I ring them […]


27th July, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Finally, a nice relaxing day watching the Tour. Today was the easiest day I think ive had trying to chase this damn race. The days stage was to finish in a little town called Castelsarrasin, which is about 60km North-West from Toulouse, so it was a nice small drive as well. The riders were predicted […]


26th July, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Another looooooooooooong day. Got onto the road at 9am, got back to the hotel at around 11pm. I covered around 500km of driving in the whole day, and that was without getting really lost. I also thought that I walked pretty far 2 days ago up the Col de Peyresourde, but that was nothing. I […]