29th June, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Just came back from another walk down to Hollywood Blvd. Woke up at about 8pm, and it was still very light outside. I also woke up with cramps all down my legs from all the walking earlier today. Headed back down to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to take some night shots. Got told half way through […]


29th June, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Well I made it. After six months of planning, everything has come together and I finally got to LA. Now where to begin… warning: boring story ahead. Plane trip was interesting…but not. I got a window seat which meant going over two people to get out. So I only got up and stretched once in […]


26th June, 2007 by Dave Prentis

…And counting. So not long now. I’m so tired and yet so amped up and stressed about going I don’t feel the need to sleep. Everything is now booked and confirmed. All the little things that needed to be done are now done. Apart from a slight hiccup at the bank for my loan, which […]


15th June, 2007 by Dave Prentis

Yep, thats right, 12 days. Im a headin overseas for 5 weeks. Gonna be awesomeness. Here’s a ‘quick’ run down: Flying Sydney to Los Angeles, staying 2 nights there. Prob do a half day tour of celebs houses or something along those lines. Then hit up a totally hip and happenin club and get in, […]