Well its all coming to an end now. Just sitting in my hotel waiting for my shuttle to come and take me to the airport.

I thought my flight was at 7pm, which it probably was at some stage in the planning. So I organised for the shuttle to pick me up at 4pm and that was all dandy. This morning I check out my actual e-tickets, and not my own itinerary, and its at 3:25pm! Quickly ring the shuttle company, they can pick me up at 12:30 so its aaaaaall good. Probably better in some way as I don’t have to fill in the day somehow. However it just draws the trip home out more because I still get into Sydney at the same time I thought I was originally.

Its been a good trip, covered as much as I possibly could, and got to do a lot of things people don’t and wouldn’t normally do. Everything has worked out perfectly, nothing has gone wrong (so far). My over organising everything seems to have come in handy.

Probably a trip that wouldn’t ever be possible to organise again as well. Being in New York on the 4th of July, London for the opening ceremony and prologue of the Tour de France, fitting in Europe in 9 days in between, then the Pyrenees and finally topping it off with the final Tour stage on the Champs Elysees. The timing was all perfect.

Ill probably do some awesomely awesome wrap up of everything when I get back. Go through my photos and pick out the best. I’m glad ive done this blog thingo as well, I can print it off and come back later in time and read about my trip. But for now ill finish off with some photos of my last night in Paris…