Another looooooooooooong day. Got onto the road at 9am, got back to the hotel at around 11pm. I covered around 500km of driving in the whole day, and that was without getting really lost.

I also thought that I walked pretty far 2 days ago up the Col de Peyresourde, but that was nothing. I had to walk 11km to get to the Col d’Aubisque, and yes, 11km back. With a 10kg backpack full of camera stuff. But the scenery is spectacular and I wont be doing it again for a while so its all good. My ipod broke the other day as well, so I pretty much just talk to myself now.

The Col d’Aubisque has featured around 70 times in the Tour, and is one of the most famous climbs. It is also the last climb of the whole Tour, so if something was going to happen, it was going to happen on this climb.

The last 1km of the climb was absolutely packed out with people a few hours before even the caravan came. So I walked down to around to 1200m to go mark. This way I don’t have to sit next to the barrier for 3 hours minding my spot as there is more room.

And with all the drug problems starting to pop up now in the Tour and a few riders suspended, its moved Cadel up to second in the GC with a real chance of actually wearing the Mellow Johnny in Paris. The highest an Aussie has ever gotten was 5th, shared by Phil Anderson and Cadel, so its pretty kewl.