31st July, 2010 by Dave Prentis

Just chillin and eating some grass with the south face of the Eiger in the background Another animal you come across a lot of whilst hiking around is mountain goats. These dudes are awesome. I’ll be walking along a rather precarious path on the edge of a cliff and there is goats jumping all over […]


30th July, 2010 by Dave Prentis

Yeppp….pretty close. There’s a few things that just scream Switzerland, especially the Swiss mountains, and one of those things is cows. You can hear cowbells for miles when you are hiking all around Lauterbrunnen/Grindelwald. They are gentle giants though, often being more scared of you, even allowing you to pat them on the head. Many […]


28th July, 2010 by Dave Prentis

You want photos of Paris? Click continue for about 50 of them. If you don’t? Piss off.


28th July, 2010 by Dave Prentis

Crepe stand across the street from the Notre Dame line. Long, slash, boring post ahead. Writing this a few days after having left as well so some of it is probably completely made up. In fact I might not have even gone to Paris I cant remember. Paris…third time around. Drove out of Lourdes at […]


25th July, 2010 by Dave Prentis

Been in Paris for a couple of days now but they have been long and I prefer sleep so a better blog with photos will have to wait. One of things I finally managed to do was to go up the top of Notre Dame and see all the gargoyles. Only had to come to […]