27th October, 2010 by Dave Prentis

One of the main tourist tours to do when you are in Krakow, and one of the main reasons for me even going to Krakow, is Auschwitz. For those of you living under a rock, Auschwitz was a network of concentration and extermination camps. Many people think it was just one camp, but there was […]


23rd October, 2010 by Dave Prentis

Market Square in Krakow Getting to Krakow was fun. But not. It takes a ridiculous amount of time for the relatively short distance that is covered. It was two trains and the first one left Vienna at 7am. The good thing was although the entire journey is two trains, the first leg was about 6 […]


18th October, 2010 by Dave Prentis

By some crazy fluke whilst walking down the road on the first day in Vienna I came across a semi ripped poster on a electricity pole, and it was advertising a gallery showcasing the World Press Photo 2010 winners. The World Press Photo awards are the most prestigious award a photojournalist can get. The winners […]


18th October, 2010 by Dave Prentis

The main shopping area in the city centre of Vienna I needed to get to Krakow somehow from Budapest and instead of taking an 84 hour train or bus I decided to stop halfway-ish at the lovely Vienna. The Budapest to Vienna train is great because it is serviced by the wickedly awesome RailJet. Its […]


15th October, 2010 by Dave Prentis

The SzĂ©chenyi Baths…relaxation heaven I had a few different options on where to go after Ljubljana. Once you get down to this area of Europe the train links aren’t nearly as direct or fast, so you either have to stop at more cities or endure long slow train rides. So I could have either gone […]