Finally, a nice relaxing day watching the Tour. Today was the easiest day I think ive had trying to chase this damn race. The days stage was to finish in a little town called Castelsarrasin, which is about 60km North-West from Toulouse, so it was a nice small drive as well.

The riders were predicted to pass through at around 5pm, so I left nice and early at midday, got there within the hour, didnt get lost once. I think im getting the hang of these highways! Found the finish line and went walking to find a good photo spot.

Found a nice 90 degree bend in the road with about 900m to go, and I was sitting under some trees a few meters away to see how packed it got. Still with about 2 hours till the riders came people had already crowded all the barriers and were prepared to stand in the 400 degree sun for hours. I was not. Ive had far too many hours in the sun already and my arms and legs are cooked.

So all I had to do was walk about 200m further away from the finish and there is practically no one. Went to the next bend in the road and it was a little busy. But there was a nice little hill I could stand on behind the main crowd and use my zoom to shoot over their heads. All turned out pretty nicely.

Now its my final night in my hotel, tomorrow im shooting back up to Paris to see the last stage of the Tour in a few days. The great Lance Armstrong announced today that he might change his mind and come visit the Tour in Paris as well. Evans in yellow and Lance there too? Yeah, tell him hes dreaming.