I’ve arrived in Paris (again). My plane got in from Toulouse at midday, I called the shuttle company, and the woman specifically said where to go, and I went there. What threw me was she said departure level, which didn’t make sense. An hour or so passed, and no one shows. So I ring them and they cant find me apparently. So I tell them exactly where I am and finally someone arrives.

In the end its now 3:30pm and im in the hotel. Funniest hotel so far. I’ve figured out why I couldn’t find any photos of the rooms. Its because I don’t think its possible to actually fit a camera AND a person in the room at the same time. I thought New York was small, this room is the size of its bathroom. The lift was a fun ride as well. It has enough room for one person. I barely even fit in it with my luggage.

And this is a little weird, the room has a FRIDGE, first time since LA ive had one. It also has a bed, toilet, shower and TV, so im set. Oh oh and it has the INTERNET and its FREE. I’ll take a photo of the room later.