It’s not mine.

Woke up nice and early and got myself down to Pier 33 to catch the 9am ferry to Alcatraz. I walked out of my hotel thinking yea ill take a jumper just in case, lucky I did because it was PRACTICALLY SNOWING ON THE FERRY. The wind picks up over the entire bay and its freezing. Alcatraz ended up being as cool as I thought it would be. Seeing the size of the actual cells makes you realise how bad the place was, and the solitary confinement is just nuts. So yea just walked around for a few hours taking it all in and snapping away. Apart from a cold ferry ride over, the weather was actually perfect, nice and sunny with a few clouds.

Spent about 3 hours on The Rock and got back on the ferry. Walked from Pier 33 to the famous Pier 39. Place is really busy – full of people and shops. It was around lunch time so I headed into ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp Co’ for lunch as you do. I dont really like shrimp (prawns) very much so I opted for the cajun chicken burger thingo, washed down with a Lt Dan cocktail of some sort. Was a pretty damn good meal and drink. My waitress came around and did some Forrest Gump trivia, she was impressed cause I could name all 3 presidents that Forrest met in the movie. I can prob name more presidents than prime ministers.

Headed back to my hotel via cable car to drop off some souvenirs. Having walked around all day and really not getting very far I thought I better hire a bike sooner rather than later. Turns out if you hire a bike for a day it actually means a 24 hour block, so you can keep it overnight for example. I went and hired one at 5pm and went for a little ride.

Well what I thought was gonna be a little ride ended up being an epic one across the Golden Gate Bridge and up the Marin Headland which overlooks the bridge. The bikes you hire are ‘hybrids’, so they arent the best for road riding. I was also carrying a camera bag and a tripod, so these hills aint easy riding. Oh yea and im fat too. Also there is a LOT of runners and cyclists here, with about 1/3 of the cyclists being chicks which was weird to see.

Ended up riding around all night till about 10pm, including going to Lombard St (the crooked street). Eventually found my hotel and put my Skins on straight away to work their muscle magic and then crashed.

By the way the heading is from ‘The Rock’.