Well I finally made it. My flight was delayed as the two United flights that day, one to LA and mine to San Fran were coming up from Melbourne, and Melbourne being the craphole it is was full of fog. So I didnt get in to San Fran and to my hotel till about 4pm. I will have been up for around 34 hours by the time I go to bed tonight, wicked.

Haven’t really done much yet, just a bit of walking around to get my bearings. Walked through China Town and its pretty nuts. Just cheap crap sold left right and center. Kept walking and got to Fishermans Wharf, god damn the birds there are the size of bears. And then I had the greatest lunch on the planet, ‘In N Out’. Burger was dripping in grease, with a side of epic fries and washed down with root beer.

Finished that up and decided to try and walk to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh yea and did I mention its been cloudy all day, and near the water it was FREEZING cold and windy. The clouds/fog had basically closed in on the bridge so ill leave that for another day, also totally hiring a bike to go there as the walk is an absolute trek.

But then I decided to try out the cable cars and THEY ARE AWESOME. Go heaps fast down the hills, pretty cheap and you get to hang out the side like an idiot. Its fantastic. Also rather ingeniously made, where they are turned by man power especially.

Well I think ill leave it there. Tomorrow ive got Alcatraz in the morning at 9am, then the rest of the day free and also the next.