Well theres only one more sleep to go before the Yeah Buddy Tour 2009 starts. Fly out tomorrow at 1440 hours and get into San Francisco a lovely 83 years 14 hours later.

I was going to do an early online check-in on the United Airlines website but I just double checked my itinerary and all my seats are confirmed and are also aisle seats. So no need to worry about that. AWESOME.

Loaded up my iphone and ipod and shuffle and laptop with all different sorts of video and music to watch. Should get through at least one whole season of Sopranos. Also bought Michael J Fox’s new book ‘Always Looking Up’, I read the opening few pages last night and it looks to be good.

Ive also picked out the two theme songs for this trip.
Touched by Vast – EPIC song, ever since I heard it on the bboarding Tension vids ive loved it. Mad amp up song.
One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young by The Ark – Just a cool song to bop along to.

So yeah think im all set now. Just gotta pack and thats it really. Next blog will be from San Francisco with some wicked photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. Adios.