As I said I raced in to Monaco to see the opening ceremony of the Tour de France via train. I exited the Monaco station on the wrong side and ended up in who knows where walking down all these alley streets thinking ill eventually end up at water where it was being held. Took me about an hour to find my way. I now know that leaving the station from the correct side the walk is about 5 mins to the water.

Got a spot in the grand stand in easily enough time. Waited for about 3 hours and then the riders started coming out team by team. Astana for some reason they felt the need to leave them till second last which made the wait even longer.

When Astana came out there was a HUGE applause, easily the biggest of any team. Seems they are a very popular team world wide. So yea they asked Lance a bunch of questions and also Contador. Then it was over and everyone dispersed very quickly as if nothing had happened.