Yes, thats the F1 track in Monaco. Yes, it was freakin awesome to see. Walking around Monaco knowing these dudes drive around the streets that fast is insane.

For my first full day in Nice I decided to go back in to Monaco to actually check the place out a bit more. As soon as you step off the train you know the place is full of Richie Riches, the station is immaculate.

Walked down to the main port and checked out the boats and yachts and cruisers and oh my god. You will never ever see so many million dollar plus boats in your life in the one spot. Even the small cruiser boats were massive and could easily house two families. A lot of them had people on board sitting up top eating their cheese and drinking their insanely priced champagne. They also all have a team of deckhands as well that take care of the boat all day.

Around the side of the port was where all the Tour team buses were lined up and all the mechanics were out cleaning and getting the bikes ready for tomorrows big stage one time trial. I got to see Lance’s famous Livestrong bikes and the UCI was there at the time going over them with a fine comb making sure they met regulations, which of course they do, Trek dont make mistakes.

Went off and walked through the famous F1 tunnel that runs under the casino and made my way up to the actual casino. Standing outside for five minutes I saw no less than three Mercedes Mclaren, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin and many many many other cars in that league. The amount of money in this place is hard to comprehend. There was also a Rolls Royce and a Maybach dealership down the road. You’d be lucky to see one Maybach in your life in Sydney let alone an entire dealership.

Wandered around the principality for the rest of the day just checking things out. It was DAMN hot that day (like it has been every day really) so walking around was getting tiresome in the heat, especially when you walk past Monte Carlo beach and the water is pristine and everyone there looks to be having the time of their life. But sux to be them because I got totally awesome photos and they didnt because I carry around a huge SLR camera all day. Yeah. Take that.