Ok so getting from NYC to DC was pretty easy. DC to Nice, not so much. Got a shuttle to the airport four hours before departure thinking that was heaps of time. But there was a crash on the freeway and on top of that another motorcade which shutdown the entire other side of the freeway which impacted us as well. So arrived at airport with only about an hour to spare. I was flying to Frankfurt first then connecting to Nice. So naturally the flight was delayed due to headwinds and got in late. I was the last person on the flight to Nice.

So got to the airport and figured out the buses to get to the main train station which was close to my hotel I remembered. I was then going to walk to my hotel via my TomTom GPS, but that had a dead flat battery. Awesome. So I caught a taxi to the hotel for 15 euros which was probably a huge rip off but I was tired, hot and wanted to sit down. Then got to the hotel which has a key or a code lock on it, neither of which I had. Fantastic. So had to find somewhere to buy a phonecard, then ask how to use it, then ask what the hotel number was in local form. After all that I ended up speaking to the hotel dude and he was really nice and came down to get me. That was the moment that I realised the door was actually unlocked but you push it instead of pull it open. Oh. My. God.

That afternoon was the opening ceremony of the Tour de France so I had to race to Monaco on the train. Ended up getting there with plenty of time. Ill write another blog about the Tour stuff as its not very interesting if you arent in to cycling!

Came back from that at about 9pm and was just dead. Hadnt slept since DC.