Now on to the second part of the Euro leg, starting off in the Greek Islands then flying back up to Belgium and doing some slightly more northern cities and countries.


Aaaaaaalrighty after Paris its about a four hour plane trip via Zurich to get down to Athens. Then a quick one night stop over and off to the island of Santorini the next morning. Arrive about midday via ferry hopefully. Will get some mad sunset photos, supposedly one of the best spots in the world for them. Few days later its off to the island of party time, also knows as Ios. Ummm yea not much to say really except party time.

Five or so days later its back to Athens and then a flight back up north to Brussels in Belgium then a train ride to Gent. One of the days we’re in Gent theres a huge dance festival called Qontinent being held that we have tickets for. Gonna be a siiiiick day.

From then on its just make it up as we go really, nothing is set in cement yet. The rough idea at the moment is to go from Gent to Bruges to Eindhoven to Amsterdam to Berlin and then finally Prague and then on to home. Spending 2 or 3 days in each place and then catching trains to the next one.

Also its only 9 days till I go now :D