And my legs are in a hell of a lotta pain. I made my way to the Col de Peyresourde, which was the final climb in today’s Tour stage. And boy is it a huge freekin mountain. The Plateau-de-Beille was different, it was covered in bush and trees so you couldnt see the scenery very well. But the Col de Peyresourde is the typical Pyrenees mountain that you see on TV. Completely open with hardly any trees up the top so you can see for miles.

I parked my car on the other side of the mountain, the side which the riders would be coming down to the finish line. I came across a sign that said 7km to summit. I didn’t come to France to let a 7km walk up a giant hill stop me from some good photos. I could have taken photos of them coming down though, but when they are going in excess of 100km/h I didn’t want to risk missing a photo.

So I trekked it aaaaall the way to the top, counting down the kilometers with each sign. Took me 1.5hrs, but I arrived plenty early in case I had to do such a walk or got held up. As you can imagine my calves are absolutely killing me.

I walked down past the summit a bit to the last corner of the climb and sat on a hill. I thought it would be good because everyone else would be on the road and I would have a clear view, but in the end it was very well controlled and the crowds actually stood back for once. I still got good photos though.

The riders came and went, and I trekked it aaaaaall the way back down. I think I was the only one that parked at the bottom and walked all the way to the top as I was walking on my own on the way up and on the way down as well. The traffic was rediculous as well, hundreds of caravans trying to make their way down the mountain, all the official tour cars trying to get ahead, plus all the cyclists and people walking. Takes hours just to get back onto the highway, then its 130km/h all the way home. I think my little red beast is hating me.

Today is a rest day for the Tour and as well for me. I haven’t been able to sit down and relax pretty much since ive been away so its good.