After Nice I travelled by TGV (french high speed trains) to Montpellier which was hosting Stage Four of the Tour, the Team Time Trial. The train system now seems very straight forward and easy to me, at first it was confusing as hell. One thing that was funny is the amount of American tourists complaining that theres no English anywhere to explain where to go. Is there French signs in America? Idiots.

I arrived at my Ibis hotel at about midday, and it was the best hotel choice ever. Right next to the main city center where everything happens, including the start of the Tour stage. The first hotel ive had where ive had a bit of room to sort my luggage out.

Went out for a walk around the town to check the place out and scout a potential photo spot for the next day. I found the tram line and decided to catch that into the main section. I caught the tram two stops, got off, walked about 100m then looked to my right and there was my hotel. Id basically just gone in a semi-circle Id walked out of my hotel and turned left instead of right. Im so smrt.

Pretty easy to see most of the touristy landmarks quickly as the place is quite small. The main one I wanted to see was the Arc de Triomphe, its like the little brother of the one in Paris. Quite cool. And turned out the Tour was riding through it so that was gonna be my photo spot for that, even the sun was gonna be in the right place. Took some snaps of things and went back to hotel for some needed sleep.

The Tour stage was pretty straight forward. My hotel being so close it was a short walk to where I wanted to be. Stopped by the team buses first, specifically the Astana one, and no surprises people were lined up at the barriers already about four or so hours before they would even be there warming up. It would have been great to see them warming up but the crowds are a big turn off.

Went to my spot, sat down for like six hours, took lots of photos and then it was over. Im pretty sure it was just where I happened to be, but there were a LOT of Aussies. Around ten flags I could see from my spot. Shouts of aussie aussie aussie when Cadel was coming around, was great. Walked back to my hotel and was able to catch the end of the stage on TV which was good. Packed my bags and got ready for the long journey to Munich the next day.