Might seem a bit weird having this posted now as I was in Nice before Montpellier but anyways. Nice is a very beautiful little city in France down on the French Riviera, as such its expensive as hell and hot as an oven. A plain cheese pizza was 11 euros (~20 aud) and any other ‘real’ dishes were more like 20 euros plus. So even without actually buying anything I was still spending up to 50 euros a day having to buy bottles of water etc.

I spent two of my three days over in Monaco as the Tour was on, and I spent the other day wondering around the place. Spent most of the time in the ‘old town’ of Nice. Reminded me a lot of Venice for some reason, I think its the tiny car-less alleyways that go on forever and you get lost in ten seconds. All along the alleyways there was wicked little shops and markets selling all sorts of things.

At the end of the main beach on top of the headland there is an old fort and chateau that you can go up and see. God damn that was a lot of stairs, but the view was spectacular, you could see over the entire city.

The Tour was coming through later in the arvo as well so I decided to stop for that. The sponsor caravane was coming through as usual just before the riders and a group of chicks was rushing past me saying ‘theyre throwing out all this free shit!!!’. Can you guess they were Aussies? Instead of waiting on the barriers in the heat and getting average photos I decided to go higher up and go for the Graham Watson-esque photo showing more of the atmosphere. I think it worked out, shows a great overview of the race.

Spent the arvo at the ‘beach’. I say ‘beach’ because its lacking in sand and surf which I think are pretty much the two minimum requirements of having a beach. None the less the water was absolutely beautiful and felt good to be having a swim. Cant really stay for very long though as the sun just cooks you. I have NO idea how everyone was just laying there with no umbrella or anything. I was feeling it sitting there with a shirt on.