Gettin to Munich took a while. I got a train from Montpellier at about 9:30am to Marseilles and from there another train back to Nice. That took about five hours. From there it was a shuttle bus to the airport. I arrived three hours before my flight so I couldn’t even check in yet. A Swedish guy came up to me and asked if I had a screwdriver cause his suitcase was broken. So I handed over my Swiss army knife. He was cutting something away and SLASH now theres a shitload of blood all over the ground. He went to medical and when he arrives in Brazil or wherever he was goin he has to get stitches.

So anyway after that weird encounter I eventually got onto my flight which was running late. Got in to Munich about an hour late. Caught the S-Bahn (train) to the Hauptbahnhof(main station) and walked to by Ibis hotel from there. Arrived at around 9pm. I am 100% sure there were quicker ways of doing all of that but meh, I got there. Oh yea and it was also pouring rain when I arrived so that was kinda gay.

I went to Munich in 2007 as part of a Contiki trip. And like all Contikis I spent about twenty minutes in the place, so it was good to be back and see it for real.

First stop was the Olympic Stadium and next to that the BMW Museum/Factory. Factory tour was all sold out, and you cant take photos obviously, but not being a BMW fan anyways it wasnt a big deal. Caught the train back down to Marienplatz which is the main happenin center of the city. Took some pics of the Glockenspiel, it didnt do its dancin thing when I was there though. Then it was off to the HofbrÀuhaus, specifically the shop where I got a tshirt I wanted to get last time but missed out on. Went inside the beer hall and it seemed a LOT smaller than I remember. For one I was sober this time so maybe thats why?

Wandered around the city catching trains around the place to various different landmarks and taking snaps. Went up the bell tower of St Peters Church (I think?), was a pretty good view over the city. Got back to my hotel, got changed, then went out and had dinner and a few beers.