Landed in Vegas about 2pm and straight after walking off the plane the heat just smashed me in the face. The entire city is an oven. Hit up a shuttle and got to the Luxor. Longest check-in line ive ever seen in my life. Its weird to be staying in a hotel that has thousands of rooms and in the scheme of things you really dont matter, compared to the little Swiss chalet that has 12 rooms.

Got through that crap and went to my room on the 16th floor. I guess like most top Las Vegas hotels even the standard rooms are pretty big. Ive got two queen beds and a table and chairs etc in mine. What the hell do I need with two queen beds, let alone one. But hey its only costing like $50USD a night so thats pretty sweet. Then just basically crashed for 3 or so hours, much needed sleep.

Woke up about 7pm and decided to explore the strip a bit. Its still freaking hot too. Walked past most hotels/casinos and went in to a few. The designers/builders/architects/whoever are very good at making hotels that are confusing and very hard to leave. I got lost so many times its ridiculous. Although a lot of the hotels that are under the same owners are inter-connected via walkways and bridges which is pretty cool. You can go between four different hotels without ever really going outside. Also saw the Bellagio fountain show, was pretty cool.

Anyways it was a pretty good start in Vegas I think. Gonna be hard getting used to this weather though.