Last stage of the Tour de France once again made its way around the Champs Elysees and I was there with Duddo and Tristan to see it. We went out the night before and for some reason bought the most hektik strong drinks on the planet. Woke up too early and got to a spot to watch at about 10:30am. The riders werent coming till 4:30pm so it was a long time to wait in direct sunlight on a freaking hot day, hungover. It was INSANE busy though, way way way more so than in 2007. We were on the front of the barricades and behind us was about 6 rows of people. Lance has some serious crowd pulling power because there were a damn lot of Americans and I would be confident in saying busiest final stage ever.

As usual the stage was very straight forward. The riders came on to the Champs Elysees, a few broke away and tried to win but got reeled in on the last lap by the mighty Highroad HTC team and Cavendish once again showed his speed and won.