Getting to Paris was quite easy, caught a TGV from Geneva, arrived at Gare du Nord and then caught the metro to the closest station near the hotel. I slowly made my way up from the train station and there was the lovely Tristan waiting for me and then unfortunately behind him was Ty. The hotel was pretty pimp, definately a place I would stay at next time im in Paris. Had 2 single beds and a kind of sofa slash bed which for some reason a 12 foot tall Tristan shotgunned within 3 seconds of walking in the room and then regretted it very quickly. SUCKED TO BE HIM.

Spent the arvo walking around the place looking for a place that sold cold beer. This is not easy it seems. Checked multiple supermarkets and stores, all warm. What is wrong with Parisians, they drink warm beer. About 3 hours later we decided it wasnt possible and walked back to our hotel and then BOOM like 50m from the hotel was a little store that sold it. Yea, we’re awesome at finding stuff.

First full day we headed to the Eiffel Tower in the morning, opting for the stairs as there is about 9 million lazy duds waiting for the elevators. 680 or so steps later we were on level 2 and munched down some food with half of my croissants ending up on the table. Took the elevator up top and the view obviously is great.

Then headed to the Arc de Triomphe which ive always thought a cool monument. Bought some baguettes from a shop in the metro station that I ate at many a time 2 years ago and they are still wicked. Made our way over to Notre Dame and the line was 43km long to get up to the towers so unfortunately ill have to miss out on that once again. Oh and it also started raining. Went to Saint Chappelles church which was around the corner and went inside this time and its quite beautiful, huge stained glass work everywhere.

Went out that night to the Montmartre area, first stop the Moulin Rougue because Ty wanted to see his future dancing career workplace. Had dinner at a place right near it and I ordered a ‘Hamburger’. I call it a ‘Hamburger’ because IT DIDNT HAVE A BUN. I basically just had a plate with a rissole and some chips. It was like the rissoles mum makes, but it was shit. Went to a bar called ‘OSullivans’ which I went to 2 years ago with the Contiki crew and not surprisingly it was exactly the same. We started with a couple of long island ice teas for the low low price of 13 euros each. For some reason we thought these werent strong enough so we went for a ‘Kamikaze’ that had about 5 shots of I still have no idea in it for the low low price of 16 euros each. Was quite nice actually. After a while it was time for home so we head to the metro and oh my god it closed 10 minutes ago. No worries the walks not that far. Turns out it is. Walked in a semi correct direction for about an hour probably and decided a cab might be a smart idea. Arrived at the hotel and all fell asleep as soon as we hit the pillows.

Last day in Paris we aimed for the Notre Dame again to see what the line would be like in the morning. It was already massive so that was a no go. Headed all the way to the end of the metro line to the Grand Arch. They arent lieing, it was pretty Grand. There was also a random massive thumb statue coming out of the ground. Got back on the metro and went all the way back to Invalides and Napoleans Tomb. Had a quiet night, back up to Montmartre but this time went to Quality Burger Restaurant and had a real hamburger that included a bun.

Arrived at airport the next morning via the train way too late. Still made my flight somehow. Flew with Swiss Air and theyre awesome. They walk down the aisles with baskets of chocolate. Plus theyre all good lookers.