Haha, get it? I totally added ‘er’ to Salzburg and got Salzburger. Genius. They should totally make a burger joint called that. So yea anyways turns out I couldnt write this stuff on zee train because I had no idea where the hell I was supposed to sit so I was hovering from spare seat to spare seat.

So I arrived in Salzburg on a very easy train from Munich HBF, was only about 1:30 hours. Was actually pouring rain when I got in so that had me wondering what the next few days might be like. Taxi’d it to my hotel which was a ‘Starr Inn’, which im pretty sure is a branch of Ibis as they were identical. Once again it was awesome, perfect location and the room was great.

Don’t really have much to say about the place really. But thats definitely not because it was boring or anything like that, mainly because I spent nearly both days in Berchtesgaden instead. The old town is pretty cool, a lot of your typical huge old stone buildings. As you could probably guess everything is Mozart here. Every souvenir shop is 50% Mozart merch. His statue is actually quite small, as he was I guess?

One place that I made sure I visited was Salzburg Castle – Hohensalzburg Fortress. Its a huge castle that sits up on higher ground overlooking Salzburg. Gives you fantastic views over the entire city and beyond. There was a guy there offering crossbow shots, so of course I did it. I totally want a crossbow now. I smashed it, got all three arrows in the center. People thought I was some crazy roo shooter back home.

Here’s some pics…