I based myself in Salzburg so I could go to Berchtesgaden, and actually ended up going there both days. It ended up being a perfect place to stay as its a very easy twenty minute or so bus ride from near my hotel in Salzburg. The bus drops you off at the main train station which I later found out is all original and off to the side is Hitlers personal platform.

Berchtesgaden is quite well known for its WW2 history, being that its where Hitler and all the top Nazi dudes lived. The main attraction (and why I went) is ‘The Eagles Nest’ perched on top of Obersalzburg mountain. It was a 50th birthday present for Hitler to use as a retreat and have important meetings and make strategic battle plans etc, but he actually only visited the place about 12 times in his life, preferring to go to his tea house instead (because he was totally gay).

I decided to see it via an organised tour, and im glad I did because it was absolutely fantastic. The guide knew everything there was to know about Berchtesgaden and Hitler. The tour was four hours long and included seeing the old bunker system in the mountain which was just insane. Something like six kilometers of bunker tunnels were made in twenty months. And these bunkers are HUGE as well, capable of taking cars. We drove past where Hitlers house was (it was bombed by the RAF), and also a few of the still standing admin buildings and security checkpoints.

After all of that you finally make your way to The Eagles Nest. You stop about 20mins or so from the top and have to transfer on to modified buses that are able to drive up and down the road. Theyre equipped with special low gearing to make it up and dual braking systems for the way down. Amazing to think how they got materials for building up there, all through winter as well (and im talking like 2m high snow). Then you get off the bus and you STILL arent there. You walk IN to the mountain and get into a huge brass elevator (can take up to 50 people) that takes you up about 100m to inside The Eagles Nest. How they made that elevator I have no idea.

And ummm yea the place is amazing. The views are just phenomenal. Every movie, mini series and tv show ive seen has recreated the place perfectly. It was so weird walking around already kind of knowing it so well. The main difference though being that it now funtions as a full restaurant. Hitlers old office is now the managers.

Apart from The Eagles Nest I did a few other things to fill in the days. Before the tour I took the cable car up to the top of Mt Jenner and took the short walk to the actual summit. 360 degree views of the entire place was fantastic. On the second day I did a cruise of Lake Konigssee. I was *really* looking forward to this as there are crazy good photos to be had. Its the deepest lake in Germany and also freakishly clean, with only electric boats allowed. Unfortunately the weather was basically crap for both days I was there so I just enjoyed the scenery and tried to make the best of the photo situation. One thing that was cool is about half way through the ferry journey to St. Batholomä Church the driver whips out a bugle type thingo and it echoes throughout the entire lake because of the high cliffs that surround it.

Think ill shutup now.