Well im in Bangkok airport….for 8 hours. Not cool. The stop over here was only going to be 4 I think, but since the flights from Paris were pushed earlier it made the transfer here a hell of a lot longer.

My flight outta Paris to Helsinki was at 3:25pm. I got onto the plane at 3:20pm. Yeah that was a little nerve racking. The check in took foreeeverrrr, they had problems with the machines or something so everyone was held up luckily.

The flight got in a bit late that meant. I was supposed to arrive at 7:20pm and transfer onto a flight at 8pm. But my flight didn’t get in till 7:50pm, and the gate was at the complete opposite end of the terminal. So I ran all the way and hopped onto the plane at about 8pm, and it left late as well.

The plane was a McDonnell Douglas whatever they are, so not very good in-flight entertainment. I also cant sleep on flights, so I was pretty damn bored. Next flight is back to good ol’ 747 with British Airways, so im hoping that’s nicer.

Well only 3 more hours to go…until my 10 hour flight.