Looking over the town square from the top of the clock tower

I *think* thats the Charles IV statue…cant remember

Went from Berlin to Prague on a direct train that took just under 5 hours and only cost us 60 euros. Got talking to a chick from New Zulland sitting next to me who had just come off a 29 day Contiki tour. I dont think I could do that. For part of the tour they went to Lauterbrunnen and I think she was surprised someone else knew where that was. So that brought back good memories.

Arrived at the Prague train station at around 5pm and had no money as they dont use euros yet. So Ty goes off to the ATM and gets out a THOUUUSSAAAANNDDD DOLLARS. Which is actually only worth like $70 australian. We bought some day metro tickets and followed the vague instructions I wrote down the night before. Worked out fine because we got to our hotel. When I booked the hotel it said triple room with ensuite, but in Prague that for some reason means a GIANT APARTMENT. Yes we had a full self contained apartment with kitchen and all. The place would have only been a couple of years old at the most. Only downfall is I had to share a bed with chewbacca.

For the first day we did the NewEurope free walking tour as they have been pretty good in other cities we have done them. And this was no different, it was a great tour, we covered everything thats a ‘must see’ of the city. Our guide really hated cars though. We were standing in the town square when a wedding decides to come through so hes all like ‘YOUVE GOT TO BE F&%KING KIDDING ME MAAAAAAN’. This happened about 4 times throughout the tour. He got a mad tip from us.

Walked around for a bit more to fill in the arvo and then headed back to the hotel for a few winks before the pub crawl. We had been approached by a couple of different companies that ran them but decided to go with the one NewEurope recommended. Rocked up at 9:15pm and holy shit thats a lot of people. Biggest group we have been with by far. We met up with a group of chicks from Glasgow who Tristan and I had met in Berlin on the alternate city tour. I could seriously only understand every second word, and with more drinks it just got worse. We flew through about 3 places I think, getting really cheap but really shit beer and the occasional spirit mix. End of the night ended up at a place called the Roxy, it was pretty average. Played some fuseball though as for some reason they had about 20 tables of it. An American dude was talking his shit up and he wanted to play Tristan. So what happened? Tristan smashed him eleventy billion to nill. Stick to NFL, dud.

Next day we were all feelin a little worse for wear, me probably the worst. I didnt really get going till just after 1pm and I met Tristan for the NewEurope Castle Tour at 2pm. This time we got the quirky cool wee little welsh girl as the guide. I dont know many (well, any really) welsh girls but if they are all like her then im movin to Wales. The tour started by walking across the river canal thingo and going into the gardens which are called something that I cant remember (id be a wicked tour guide). Walked to a tram station and caught a tram up the hill and into the castle grounds. The outer castle grounds are MASSIVE and house hundreds of different buildings including a beautiful cathedral and the presidents pad when hes in town. As the castle sits on top of a hill there was great views over the entire city. The tour left us at the castle though so we had to get our own way back down.

The last day was walk around and take photos day. We headed for the clock tower first which looks over the whole town square and the main part of the city. This was probably the best tower I have been up as there was no glass, no metal mesh, nothing at all getting in the way of photos. I could have jumped off if I was so inclined. Went back down and just walked around the place, checking out things as we came across them. Managed to get into one of the cathedrals when it was open, this one was a little different as it had a mummified arm hanging from the wall. Theres a long story about that but I dont have the net at the moment to double check it so id probably get it wrong. Next up was the Jewish Museum. In the first building they have every single wall covered in the peoples names from Prague that died under the Nazi regime. Outside is a cemetary that got so crowded they were burying 10+ people on top of each other. There was just headstones all over the place and on top of each other. Made our way over to the Charles Bridge which is the most famous bridge in Prague. Finished up the day with a nice dinner at a restaurant in the town square to finish up my trip.

And thats that. Tristan and Ty finally figured out their next destination, Krakow, including Auschwitz which im quite jealous about, so they left at 9am to get the train. So there I was back on my lonesome. Headed downstairs to the restaurant on the corner which does wicked food including breakfast. Got myself a full english breakfast, minus egg though because that stuff is just the worst. Toast, bacon, sausages, tomato, baked beans and hash browns. Took me half an hour to eat it all. Damn it was good. Organised a shuttle to get to the airport. My first flight wasnt till 6pm but checkout was at 11am and I couldnt be bothered walking around the city for only a couple of hours. And now im in Frankfurt getting ready to jump onto my second flight which is 12 hours and then followed by my last flight which is 7 hours. Argghh…