Well its finally come to an end, 40 blog posts and 423 photos later. For the last post I thought id look back at all the cities and towns and places ive been to and the things ive done and jot down a few of the highlights.

San Francisco
– Riding up the Marin Headlands on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge was just wicked. Killed my legs for days but got cracking photos.
– Alcatraz tour was great. Having loved all the movies I have seen that use it it was cool to see it in real life. Also had perfect weather for it.
– Hanging off the side of the cable cars as they cain down the hills.

Las Vegas
– The UFC! Still cant believe I got to go to that, and in the front row no less. And topping it off with a photo with Holly Madison, awesome.
– Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam trip. Drove out at 4:30am and had ample time to see both. VERY glad I took peoples advice on making the huge drive to the Grand Canyon, stunning place.

New York
– There is so much I could write about this city it would go on for pages and pages. The place just rocks and thats it. It has everything. Including a Nike store that melted my credit card.
– One thing im glad I ‘did’, several times infact, was the Brooklyn Bridge. Last trip to NYC I completely missed it, but this time I went over 3 times including one at night to get photos. Probably the best pizza of the trip was had over in Brooklyn as well.

Washington DC
– Monument city! And what awesome monuments they are, and on the top of the cake is definitly the Lincoln one. Its just so bad ass. Jefferson one was also quite cool at night. Oh and I guess the White House was ok, just too many trees in the way.
– Seeing the motorcade twice was a nice added bonus to the trip as well. Seeing a 30 car motorcade speed down the closed freeway is a very very cool site.

– DAMN it was hot. Soon as I got outside I was feeling the heat and many a time had a soaking tshirt. Eww.
– Beaches, whats the go there? Stones for sand and nothing for surf. But there is nothing better on 35 degree days.

– Tour de France opening ceremony, the first spotting of Lance and hearing the roar of the crowd as he came out. I guess hes quite popular?
– Boats! Holy moly there was a lot of boats and they would all easily be over the $1m+ each mark.
– Standing outside the casino and watching the customers roll up in their Mercedes McLaren, Bentley, Maybach, Ferrari, Lambo, you name it they own it.

– Team Time Trial, quite rare to be able to see one and I had a wicked spot as well, nailed the photos.
– Didnt get much time to walk around outside of the Tour de France, but its a great little French city that would be good to come back and explore a little more. Ive only heard good things about the place from other tourists on this trip.

– Back to the city I spent about 4 seconds in on Contiki 2 years ago. Glad I came back as well as there was a loooot of stuff I missed.
– Seeing the Hofbrauhaus in the daytime and in a sober state was great, was able to buy a shirt I missed out on last trip.

– Didnt spend as much time in the actual city as I thought I would as I went to Berchtesgaden on both days.
– The castle overlooking the whole city gave an amazing view of everything.

– Obviously im going to say the highlight was the Eagles Nest tour. The weather wasnt looking too good, even raining on the bus up, but the clouds opened as I stepped outside and its an amazing site. Wanted to visit the place many many many years and now I can cross it off.
– Cruising the Konigssee Lake was also beautiful, but unfortunately the clouds didnt move all day and it was rather overcast so the photos dont do the place justice at all.
– Definitly a place im going to visit again.

– WOW. I am so glad I found out about this place whilst planning my trip as its a definate highlight of the entire trip for me.
– 4 days of riding and hiking some of the most beautiful mountains and scenery in the world. I have no idea how I will be able to pick what photos to print out as there are so many great ones.
– Im coming back next year, with a bike.

Geneva / Tour de France
– Hotel right next to the highway entrance/exits, a mcdonalds and a shopping center – close to the best hotel of the trip. Free internet too.
– Walking to the summit of one of the climbs and ending up in Italy, kind of cool.
– Spending 33 euros to go through the Mt Blanc tunnel, definitly not cool.
– Seeing Lance rip it up the climbs and the time trial, the epitome of cool.

– I love Paris and I always will. Just a great city to walk around and take photos. Went to see the Catacombs and they were closed which im pretty devo about.
– Sitting in 30+ degree heat with no shade for 6 hours and being hungover just to see the last stage of the Tour de France was rather painful though.
– Met up with tweedledee and tweedledum. Still not sure if thats a good memory or not.

– Didnt really spend enough time here to give it a solid opinion or say anything about it. But what I do know is that they have nutter cab drivers that get you to the ferry port really really fast.

– Beautiful sunsets.
– Hot springs that arent really…hot.

– Far Our Beach resort was a wicked place to stay. Had nice relaxing pools to rest the head.
– Walking home after our first night out and going to take the shortcut. Semi ran down the hill not seeing the 6 foot drop ahead of me. Good times.
– Daaaaaaamn it was hot.

– Tintin store was eeepppiiiicccccc and it killed my credit caaaaaarrrrddddddd.
– Wicked light show in the main square on the Town Hall building. Finished with Final Countdown.
– Did a cool hop on hop off tour of the entire city, good way to pack it all in fast.
– Chocolate chocolate chocolate some waffles and then more chocolate.

– Beautiful cobblestone alley ways and canals.
– A nice change to walk around such a small little place, although it was still pretty packed with tourists.
– Cant wait to get home and watch ‘In Bruges’ again.

– No matter how much I smell weed I still hate it and cant stand it.
– Red Light District, pros can be that hot? Yowzers.
– Two awesome pub crawls in a row, I have no idea how I managed to do the second one. The power of zee germans.
– Hot girls on bikes. ‘Nuff said.

– Sachsenhausen concentration camp tour was fantastic. Was my second concentration camp and they never cease to amaze.
– Alternate city tour of the squats and graffiti underground was a great side of the city to see that most wouldnt know of or see. One of the best tours of the whole trip.

– The city of spires and bridges, they arent joking. Another beautiful European city to walk around in. The old town square is fantastic plus the entire place is cheap as chippies.
– Had a pretty sweet pub crawl, beers were about $2AUD each. The last club was pretty dud though unfortunately.
– I thought I booked a hostel kinda room but apparently booked the most pimpin apartment ever.

So yea that was the Yeah Buddy Tour 2009. Its now over and its back to the world of fixing peoples problems until I can afford to go back over. July 2010?….yeahhhhh buudddyyyyy.