View from Santorini island over to the volcano etc.

White arms, bogan singlet and a tour de france skoda hat. Dont pretend like you dont love it.

Got onto one of the high speed ferries at 8am and arrived at Thira, the Santorini port, just before 1pm. Hopped off and we were all relieved to see a dude holding up a sign with our hotel on it, which was Villa Romantic. After all, nothing says romantic more than 3 dudes sleeping in the same room together. The hotel was actually pretty sweet though and I would stay again if I come back to Santorini. The driver was the son of the woman who owned the place and they were both very nice and helpful. She sat us down and talked us through everything such as places to go, tours to do, buses, shops and restaurants etc.

Went out and walked up to the main town area and bought some food supplies. Walked past two restaurant-ish places and both of them tried to reel us in. I think we chose well because the food was great, I had a greek pizza. Headed back to hotel and chilled by the pool for a while. At about 7 or so we made our way on the bus to Oia which is at the northern tip of the Santorini island. This place is known for its beautiful sunsets and by the amount of people there id say the whole island was watching it. To be honest I wasnt really that impressed, but the location is great. But hey it had to be seen, and people even clapped after it went down which I felt was weird because its not like this is a rare occurrence….its the sun.

The next day we went on a volcano and hot springs tour. Walked to town and took the cable car down to the Fira port to try and find our boat amongst the huge swarm of people. Headed out to the volcano and quickly got pretty drenched as we were sitting in the open section at the back. Fun fun. Walked around the volcano and saw…rocks. I know zip nadda nothing about volcanoes so nothing really meant anything to me that the guide was saying and showing but the place was still pretty cool. Got back on our boat and headed to the hot springs. Jumped off the boat and swam over to what was actually just piss warm brown water that stained everyones boardies they were wearing. Good to be out havin a swim in the ocean though.

Went back to the same place we went yesterday for food and I once again had a greek pizza and the size of my stomach at this point loved it. Chilled at hotel pool again and got ready for the ferry ride the next day to Ios. Overall the island is a beautiful place and extremely photogenic and I just wish I had more time to capture some of the cliche postcard shots but unfortunately I dont.