As I said the internet may as well not exist in Ios so im writing these about Athens and Santorini on the ferry back to Athens having already also been to Ios.

Got into Athens airport at about 6pm to find out the airport train line was under construction so had to take the bus. That was fine, it was pretty direct and the bus was new. Went as close to hotel as we could then got a short train to the station near the hotel. Popped out from the underground station, put my bag down to get out hotel address details and bam there was a used syringe on the ground. Wicked. Checked in to the Best Western hotel and it was actually quite nice. Went out to have dinner at KFC and on the way all three of us were offered pot and various other substances multiple times. Tristan and Ty then proceeded to eat about 54 chickens worth of wings for 5 euro each. Walked around for a bit and on the way back witnessed two drug arrests infront of us. Aweesommeee.

Woke up pretty early as our ferries to Santorini were at 8am. We caught a cab to the port because the port train line was also under construction. So convenient to be doing such work in the peak tourist season. We had the most maverick driver in all of Athens though. It was supposed to take 40 minutes or so, we were there in a little over 20. Dude got a mad tip.

So yeaaaa…doesnt really inspire one to go back, but im sure its fine in daytime and places such a the Acropolos would be great to see. We probably only spent 10 waking hours in Athens in total so its not a fair evaluation obviously.