Just came back from another walk down to Hollywood Blvd. Woke up at about 8pm, and it was still very light outside. I also woke up with cramps all down my legs from all the walking earlier today.

Headed back down to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to take some night shots. Got told half way through by some dude that I cant use a tripod because people have tripped over them. Party pooper. So I had to take them hand held which isn’t ideal. Took some other shots of those huge chinese lions, I think that’s what they are anyway. They came out pretty well as you can see. I was hoping to get some photos of the Hollywood sign lit up, but to my disappointment, it wasn’t lit up. Not sure if its like that every night, because that really sucks.

Also, maybe its just because im paranoid, but it feels so dodgy walking around. Especially tonight, constantly looking around. Most tourists seem to all be around the Chinese Theatre, so other parts of Hollywood Blvd are pretty sparse, and its not THAT short of a walk. No problems so far though. Except ive been asked by so many bums for money. They come up to you and are really nice, talk about my camera etc, then ‘oh hey have you got a few bucks?’. No. I don’t. Go away.

On my way home I got Dominos, as you do. I’m slowly learning that pizza over here is a little weird. You don’t just walk up and say ‘ill have BBQ Meatlovers thanks champ’, you have to specify every topping. So the base pizza with one topping is around $8USD, plus the other toppings. So my pizza was like $15 aussie. And its not even as good as our Dominos. Oh well.

So now im just waiting for Jay and Conan to be on, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong. What are the chances of that? Then ill crash. I don’t think ive felt so physically exhausted in a very long time. My legs are aching.