Well I made it. After six months of planning, everything has come together and I finally got to LA. Now where to begin… warning: boring story ahead.

Plane trip was interesting…but not. I got a window seat which meant going over two people to get out. So I only got up and stretched once in the whole trip. I didn’t really find it necessary. I was also sitting next to a chubby lesbian emo. By my calculations she was anyway. It arrived in LA at around 10:30am, went through customs ok, then it was time for baggage pickup. Went to go find my bag, and then for some reason the carousel stopped. They had lost half the planes bags. They finally located the containers with our bags, and I got mine after not too long. Hopped onto my airport shuttle and the driver took me to my hotel and said ‘im pretty sure this is it’. How reassuring. But it was it, and I checked in fine. I was expecting something pretty ordinary, and it might well be in the scheme of things, but I think my room is pretty damn sweet. It has a DOUBLE bed. Crazy. And a pool right outside which I just had a swim in. Its something like 30 degrees here so its pretty hot.

After unpacking a bit I went back down to the front desk and booked a LA Tour which is going to be tomorrow morning at 8:30am. The dude at the front desk gave me a map of the place, isn’t a very good map. I followed it, just, down to Hollywood Blvd, which is about 10mins away I suppose. Then about another 10mins before the stars walk of fame starts, so its pretty close. Walked aaaaaaall the way down, checking out all the shops briefly, ill go back when ive got more time tomorrow. I was hungry for some lunch, so what did I have? Maccas. Hell yes. It begins.

Chowed that down pretty fast. Walked the rest of Hollywood Blvd down to Graman’s Chinese Theatre. Not really sure what the big hype is about it. I have zero knowledge of the history of it, so that’s probably why. Got a few snaps of the thing anyway. Walked back down the street, and came across by fluke the Hollywood Sign lookout. I didn’t have my zoom lens on me at the time so ill have to go back tomorrow to get some closer shots.

Right next to the lookout is a massive Oakley shop. About 2 weeks ago id got an email from ThePaceline.com saying that Lance Armstrong is coming out with some new LiveStrong signature sunnies. So I went into the shop and asked the (pretty hot) assistant if she had them in. And they DID. So I tried them on for 1/2 second and BAM bought them. They could be the shittest looking sunnies and id still probably buy them, but they are actually really sick. They might not even come out in Australia so that’s pretty kewl.

So then I went to walk back to the Hotel. Well I tried anyway. Now it took me about 10 minutes to get down to Hollywod Blvd, and deadset took over an hour to get back. I was completely lost. But I eventually got back…then wrote this…now im goin to have a nap and find something for dinner.

So yeah pretty boring and long, but its my first day. No doubt these things will get shorter and shorter.