On the waters edge in St Gilgen waiting for the boat to St Wolfgang

Weather was pretty cracking today in Salzburg so I decided to do a tour out of the city to make the most of it. Panorama Tours offers a tour called ‘Lakes and Mountains’ so I decided to do that one. They definitely aren’t cheap, this one costing 37 euros. You could probably do the entire tour yourself for far cheaper if you wanted considering how good the public transport is but I didn’t have time to research it and this is far more relaxing.

Left Salzburg at 2pm in a comfy and air conditioned bus and headed for a little village called St Gilgen. The road weaves through the mountains and follows various lake shorelines. There were people everywhere swimming and sunbaking around the lakes. On the way we drove past the international headquarters of Red Bull. Yes, their headquarters is seriously in the middle of nowhere, and the building is crazy awesome, all made out of glass. They also sponsor the Salzburg soccer team.

Made it to St Gilgen and got on the boat and started the journey on Lake Wolfgang. It stops at different points all around the lake and people get on and off. Around the lake people have setup picnics and are just relaxing. Theres a pretty big cliff at one stage that leads in to the water and there are three climbers going up it. Kids swinging off ropes in to the water. Wouldn’t be a bad place to have a nice relaxing summer break.

Arrived at the St Wolfgang stop, a tiny tiny village. Like most Swiss/Austrian villages I guess, chalets litter the countryside and theres a few very lavish hotels in the centre of things. Theres quite an old and important church there as well…something to do with pilgrims. As you can tell I really listen to the tour guides. Walked around for a while, took photos of the place, had a pretty suspect hotdog, then it was time to go. I think I was in and out of sleep on the bus back. Continue for more photos.