Bruges Belfry

Hit up the train from Brussels to Bruges and got there at about midday. Captain Hotel Extraordinaire strikes again and I found a nice little hotel about 30 meters away from Market Square and the Belfry, absolutely perfect location. For anyone that doesn’t know where or what Bruges is its in northern Belgium about an hours train ride from Brussels. It wasnt such a huge destination on most peoples itineraries but it ‘shot to fame’ when it was the main star in the movie ‘In Bruges’ starring Colin Farrell among others. Quite a funny movie actually.

The first day we decided to hire bikes for the day and just ride around. Its awesome riding bikes around these places because they have right of way over everything and they rule the city, unlike Sydney where people hate them. If someone is in your way then ring your bell and they move quick smart. So we just rode around the place going up and down various alleys just taking random turns at every intersection. Whilst on the road we found a huge comic book store that sold everything comic book ever, including Tintin! I was able to add another 4 that I couldnt get in Brussels so that was a good score.

Headed back to the hotel to drop some things off that we had bought. I went back out to wander the streets and get my photo on. Got a lot of cliche postcardy photos of the main buildings and a lot more ‘arty’ ones that I wouldnt normally ever do but im gettin in to it a bit more now. Ty was on the hunt for the last Harry Potter book so we found that in a book store and I also found another Tintin. He started reading it and…didnt stop, all afternoon. Later on we all went to dinner to a place in the main square, had a mad tortellini dish that was baked in the oven with cheese over the top.

Next morning it was time to go up the Belfry. We were going to do it the day before but the line was monstrous to get in so we decided to come back in the morning when it opened. Smart idea. Rocked up at 9am and got our tickets straight away and headed up. Being an old bell tower there is obviously no lift, just the smallest spiral staircase you have ever seen, with 366 steps. It only *just* fits someone coming up and someone coming down so its no wonder the lines get long as its quite hard coming down. The view from the top is fantastic though, overlooking the entire city quite easily.

Next up was the chocolate factory tour. Apparently Bruges is the home of chocolate so they take it quite seriously. Actually learnt quite a bit about the history and the process of making it. Even im surprised I read all the boards of information, normally I just walk around these things and stare at pictures. For lunch we hit up a Quality Burger Restaurant and put some much un-needed fat into ourselves.

Afternoon and night was just the same as the day before. Just wandering around taking photos of random things and people. Bruges being so small thats basically what you spend your day doing, walking around and just taking the city in. Went to another restaurant for dinner and I smashed down another calzone. These euros really know how to make their calzones, every one I have had has been awesome. Hit the hay relatively early as the train to Amsterdam was gonna be in the early morning.

Theres quite a few photos for this one because its a really beautiful and photogenic little city. The place would be heaven for any in your face street photographers out there. Lots of little alley ways and canals with cobble stone roads lined with houses wall to wall.

(The title is from the movie…)