Top of the food chain. Beautiful animal but I don’t think id ever mess with one of them.

Today I went to the zoo. I didnt really have much else to see in Wroclaw, plus zoos are awesome and this one is supposed to be Poland’s best. Getting there was easy, hopped on the tram just down from the hostel and seven stops later it dropped me off right outside the entrance. The ticket was also only 25 zloty, which is about $10. How awesome is that. Taronga Zoo in Sydney costs $900 and a donation of a baby Koala.

Overall it was a pretty sweet zoo. There was practically no one in the entire place because well who goes to the zoo at this time of year. Apart from all the food stalls being closed it was actually a good time to visit, there was never anyone in the way to see anything. The collection of animals is damn massive too as there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of land, the entire place is huge. I got lost many many times as its a maze of pathways. They also have the largest terrarium in the world I think, housing what seemed to be every sort of snake, spider, turtle, lizard etc in the world, even a blue tongued lizard. There was even a butterfly room which was freaky walking through.

The highlight of the day was of course the big cats. They had an area with three female and one male lion, he was a fair pimp. The rules for safety or whatever are obviously different in Poland to Australia, so unlike Taronga where you are behind massive panes of glass and don’t really get a ‘feel’ for their size or authority, the enclosure here just had a really tall thin wire fence, then a gap and another short wire fence you could see over. So it felt like there was only the one fence between you and the lions. This meant that when they were roaming around they were only a meter away from you and open air between. Quite cool. All the lions were also really active. I saw them in the morning and they were lying around, but in the afternoon when I went back they were running around playing with each other, clawing each other and tumbling around. Was funny to see that cats of all sizes still all act the same. They knew when feeding time was as well because as soon as they could see the trainer (100m away!) they all ran to where the food is delivered and waited patiently. But then no doubt ripping the shit out of whatever red meat animal it was they were given.