When certain songs come on the radio or my ipod they trigger memories of parts of overseas trips.

For example on Contiki in 2007 they played Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take me out’ as the first song on the bus every single morning. So whenever that song comes on im always taken back to the time on Contiki. Another one from that year is Mika’s ‘Relax, take it easy’, which was played every time the Tour de France sponsor caravane came past. Not the greatest song, but it triggers good times.

Last year the songs that dominated the trip were house and club songs, specifically from Ios and Amsterdam. The song for Ios, that took me weeks to actually find out what it was, is Guru Josh Project’s ‘Infinity’ (sweet video clip). It shall always remind me of the most awesome dude ever throwing down some of the funniest dance moves ever on one of the podiums at Far Out Beach Resort. The other couple of songs that were thrashed to death on pub crawl dance floors in Europe were David Guetta’s ‘When love takes over’ and Black Eyed Peas ‘I gotta feeling’. Both alright songs when you’re out so its ok.

The Black Eyed Peas will also forever remind me of one of the most hungover days spent in scorching heat and sun ive ever had. The morning/day of waiting in Paris for the last stage of the Tour de France with Tristan and Ty, the Black Eyed Peas were played for around 8 hours straight from a speaker right next to us.

This trip so far there has just been one song that ill remember, and that is 30 Seconds to Mars ‘Closer to the edge’. In quite a few of my hotels so far they have had MTV and that song seemed to be on it every 5 minutes, and also in a lot of the ads. I have no idea when or if it has come out as a single in Australia, but its a pretty sweet song, cool clip too.

Also, the lyrics to these songs dont matter, its more just the frequency they’re played.

Bit of a sideline blog to whats happening but meh I felt like it.