The entrance to zee ladies of the night

On Saturday night Anna said she was going to take me to the ‘Reeperbahn’ as it cannot be missed. The Reeperbahn is a street in the St Pauli district of Hamburg, it is lined with pubs, clubs, sex shops, and contains the city’s red light district. Started the night at her apartment with two of her friends, enjoyed a nice dinner and a few beers. Headed to the metro station at about 11:30pm or so, quite late to only be starting to go out I thought. The station was packed though, with most people having a beer in their hand as public drinking is legal in Germany (even on public transport). As the train got closer to the Reeperbahn station is just got more and more packed, as if the entire city was meeting up there.

We started off down the Reeperbahn and to start my experience I was taken in to what seemed to be the largest and fanciest sex shop. It costs a euro to get in and in return instead of a ticket they give you a condom, which you give back if you buy anything. This place was massive, and from what I could tell sold anything and everything one could want. Downstairs is where it started to get a bit freaky. The costumes started to come out, starting with the chicks lingerie so thats cool…but then just got weird. There was one section of the shop that was roped off, and there was some seriously hektik twisted shit in there. Full on leather suits with face masks and ball gags etc. Freaky. So I purchased a pack of postcards that had chicks in dirndls on them and left the place.

From there we went up a street called Davidstrasse. Yea, thats right. Im famous. And off that street is the red light district. Since the ’30s at either end of the street theres a wall across it with openings at the side to go through. There is also a sign saying no one under 18 and no women. It is however a public street so its not illegal for them, but the ‘workers’ wont be happy. I went for a wander through, and had a lot of chicks offering themselves. I don’t blame them really. And like Amsterdam, there is some seriously stunning looking chicks. However im sure the UV lighting helps. When I made it out to the other side I had all of the other ‘workers’ approach me. Chicks walking around the streets wearing bumbags = prostitutes. So if you’re a chick visiting Hamburg don’t walk around St Pauli wearing a bumbag.

So after that bit of fun it was time to actually find a place to go and drink. We went to one place first and only two of us got let in, it was super packed. So I was waiting outside for them to realise I wasn’t there, and then they come outside with a tray of shots. Its so weird that you can drink out on the street. The shots are supposed to be something you have to do, its a ‘traffic light’, and consists of a green, orange and red shot. They’re fine until you have the red one and its seedy tabasco sauce flavour. After that we went across the street to a pub and settled there for the night. It was super packed, quite hard to get drinks as it was hard to just move around, but the music was pretty sweet and it just had a good vibe. We stayed there until 4:30am or so. The three chicks went off to get on a train back to their apartment and I walked to the closest kebab shop. Glorious.