The forecast for today was for clear skies and thats what I thankfully woke up to. Hit up the free breakfast buffet quickly and got down to the bus stop. Last year I did an organised tour of the Eagle’s Nest, which was really awesome, learnt a lot of things you just cant yourself if you cant read German. So since I already knew all there was to know about the place I decided to do it all myself this time, firstly catching a bus to the ‘Documentation Center’, which is where you can see some of the bunker system and various other things. Then it was on to the special buses that take you up the final road to the Eagle’s Nest car park. The road is super steep, and also not open to the public, so the buses are equipped with lower gears and better brakes.

Arrived at the top car park and then it was time for the walk down the long tunnel into the mountain, the same tunnel Hitler used to be taken down in his car. There is a room at the end of the tunnel which you wait in for the elevator to come. The inside of the elevator is completely brass plated, to give the illusion of more space. The elevator then goes up about 115m through the inside of the mountain and you come out inside the Eagle’s Nest. Pretty nifty engineering.

Not much else to say really, the place is just insane. The speed at which they built it, and through winter as well, is just crazy. I was up there for about 4 hours and took a million photos of every possible angle of the thing. The weather was just perfect. Continue for more pics.