At the end of the day of canyoning

Another one of the ‘adventure’ things I wanted to do in Bled was canyoning. I enquired about doing it and they said they needed a minimum of two people to do it. Yeah, awesome. So id either have to find some random on the street wanting to do it or not do it. Whilst cooking dinner in the hostel I got talking to two Melbourne dudes that said they were doing canyoning the next morning. Sweet! So I woke up the next day and went outside just before the supposed pickup time hoping to see the guys there. They hadn’t shown up yet and it was five minutes before pickup. I went in to the reception chick and asked her about doing canyoning today. She quickly rang someone up and it was go go time. Got picked up a few minutes later, and there was three other people doing it too. Turns out the Melbourne guys just decided not to do it, but didn’t tell anyone.

We drove for a while until we got to the edge of the forest area that surrounds the canyons. Suited up in our wetsuits and were given helmets and harnesses. We were told not to pee in the suits because the type of suit they are means that they let water in, but not out. So you would be sitting in your own piss for a while, and theres no showers when you finish. We then walked in to the forest and went up and up. Had to walk up the equivalent of what we would be coming down in the canyon. Finally we reached where we would be starting from and we got the whole reel of safety talk like you usually get. Jumped in the water and it didnt actually seem that bad, the wetsuits were quite good.

And then it was about an hour and a half of canyoning our way down to the bottom. For anyone that doesn’t know what im talking about, then ill try explain. The ‘canyon’ is exactly what you think, a water stream thats carved out the rock. You have to jump down some parts, landing in pools at the bottom. Slide on your arse down other parts that have been sufficiently smoothed over the years. And then theres the abseiling down a few of the steeper waterfalls. Its really really fun, way better than the white water rafting. But just like the water rafting, i found it quite tame. I wanted more jumps, and bigger ones. I wanted crazy abseils down bigger waterfalls. But they obviously cant do that when they’re catering for all sorts of people. Speaking to the guide though there is some seriously hektik stuff that they do personally on their days off.

The guide was taking photos of us all the whole time so thats where all the photos have come from. Unfortunately they are all pretty bad. Cheap olympus + dark areas + action = fail.