The ‘relaxing pool’ at the Far Out Beach Resort just after sunset. Many a hangover spent looking at this view.

Hmmmmm Ios…what can I say about Ios. I cant say much because we didnt really do anything! Out of all the Greek Islands, Mykonos and Ios are very much the party islands.

We arrived on the ferry from Santorini at about 2pm and hopped on the Far Out Beach Club shuttle bus that took us to the hotel. Checked in to our epic suite and headed to the pool to grab some food. Being the first night we may have been too excited to be there so we may have had too many drinks. We basically didnt move from the pool for about 4 hours and had I cant remember what to drink. All three of us woke up at about 5am, in our beds, in different clothes, with no idea how we got there. Fantastic first night.

The rest of the nights were a little more controlled. They basically consisted of going to a place called Sunrise Hotel, buying a couple of bottles between us and playing some drinking card games (RED BLACK WOOOO) to pass the time. Then head out at about 1am to zee clubs. Walk from bar to bar, drink some drinks, talk to randoms, try not to get bashed, rinse repeat. Then make the ~30min walk back down to our hotel and try not to fall off the cliff.

The days were just recovery mostly, putting 154 litres of powerade back in. Wake up and just chill around the pool, get some food, read a book, admire the ladies etc etc. Ventured in to town once in the day time and had a look around, there isnt really much there. Just a lot of souvenir shops selling the same things.

For me it was just good to be able to sit back and not have to do anything or worry about missing out on seeing any landmarks for once on this trip.