Maisie the crazy cat

So it was getting to the stage where I was coming across Europe to reach my final destination of Amsterdam and I was too early. I had about ten or so ‘spare’ days to do something with. Yeah, tough life. I decided to hop across the ocean and visit Scotland and my sister in Edinburgh. This pleased quite a few people in the family, with everyone being big Scotland travellers, except me even though ive covered most of Europe. I checked out the Ryanair website (did they deliberately make it look shit?) and found flights leaving Brussels Charleroi airport on the dates I wanted. I booked those and also paid the ridiculous amount of money to add a checked 20kg bag. I had to get to the airport from Cologne so I went on the Thalys website and booked a train to Brussels-Midi station, and would then catch the shuttle to the airport. Getting pretty good at this these days.

I left nothing to chance and although my flight wasn’t to leave till 9pm I got to the airport at about 2pm just incase trains or shuttles were delayed. The wait seemed to go on forever. I eventually checked in and my bag was 20.1kg, im a pro packer. Got through EU passport control fine, the guy didn’t really check much, didn’t notice I was way over my visa, or didn’t care (more on that in another blog). Even got on to the plane with my backpack and camera separate. This was my first Ryanair flight so it kind of threw me when I realised there was no allocated seats, you just sit where you want. It left on time and landed on time in Edinburgh, about 10:30pm. Then it was time for UK passport control, who are notorious for being by the book to the extreme, along with the US and us Aussies. I was asked what I was doing there, where I was staying, how long I was in Europe for, and then asked to write down sisters name and date of birth on a piece of paper. Then it was ok no worries thanks see you later.

Picked up my bags, got some pounds out of an ATM, and went to the bus. Went to walk on to the Lothian 35 bus with a 10’er and was told to get some change. It was the last bus and leaving in 3mins. Ran to the airport express bus counter and the guy was really nice and gave me change. On the bus and about 45mins later im standing on Easter Road wondering where the street my sisters apartment is on. Find it, get let inside and its a pretty sweet place. Good to just not be in a hostel. A bed with no one else in the room is a luxury I havent had for a while. Got to finally meet not-so-little-anymore Maisie. Crazy crazy cat. Then crashed in a nice comfy bed.