It’s now less than 24 hours until I leave. I guess its starting to hit me now, knowing that I wont be back home until NEXT year. But its all good and very exciting, thinking about travelling for 188 days though is quite daunting.

I’ve started doing a bit of packing, something which is not as easy as it seems when across the 6 months of travel there will be highs of 35 degrees and lows of minus 10. I have bought a lot of Kathmandu thermal and wicking style clothes so it should be sweet.

Also sorted all my money. I have various different ways to get it- my regular EFTPOS card, two credit cards, cash passport card (with a spare one as well) and also some good ol’ cash. If I somehow manage to stuff all of these up then im well and truly FUBAR. For anyone that is interested (or snoopy), I have $25k in cash for this trip, which comes out to about $130 a day. Obviously im not trying to spend all of that, but its entirely (and quite likely) possible. Yes, its a hell of a lot of money to spend on travelling, but I love doing it and is money well spent in my mind.

Tomorrow’s schedule is pretty hektik. First off is a flight to Singapore, then on to Frankfurt, then quite a wait there before another flight to Toulouse. Once I get to Toulouse I will pick up my little hire car and drive around 250km to Lourdes which is where I will be based for the Tour de France.

Once again im just hoping that my attention to detail with organising these trips pays off and I haven’t overlooked anything. That’s it for now, see you all in the Pyrenees.