Well ive been back in New York City for a couple of days now. Just the same as it was before, really really awesome. Feels like I was here last week.

Dont really have much to say, just been walking around really. Been across to Brooklyn twice now, the bridge is totally wicked. Have to go over again at night. Went to Top of the Rock at night which was also cool, seeing the city from above at night. Did the Statue of Liberty again and it was still good and worth doing. Went to Macy*s and got lost inside, initially thinking the entire place was just chicks clothing until I realised its split in half with mens on the other side. Found the Nike LiveStrong collection…must resist…argh.

Pretty much just enjoying walking around this very photogenic city and taking it in, getting the photos I missed out on last time.

Michael Jackson died today and im not sure what the news coverage in Australia is like of it, but here it is INSANE. Every single channel is covering it. Theres TV crews everywhere in Times Square and up in Harlem.

Continue for photos!