Yes, im going to talk about Contiki again. I really, really, enjoyed it. Some of the bus rides not so much because you think you are missing out on things, but now its over, I miss it, and really enjoyed hanging out in random cities with a great bunch of random people. For 9 days I really don’t think anyone could fit in more than what we did. Especially some of the things we were able to do as a group that an individual would find near impossible and/or boring.

Im going to post some photos shortly, but ill just go over some of the excursions we did.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – First went on a guided Canal Cruise with unlimited booze. Broke the ice for meeting new people. Topped the night off with a Live Sex Show, which you no doubt wouldn’t probably go near if you went there alone, its just too weird.

Rhine Valley, Germany – Wine tasting in an old wine cellar of various local whites and a red. Also got to taste the very rare ice wine, which is only produced in a very select few places in the world. After the grapes are picked they need 10 days in a row of -10 degree weather.

Munich, Germany – Drank it up in the best of the best beer halls of the world, the Hofbrau House. Had about 25 of the people in the group go and managed to get the one table. All headed off to one the best dance clubs in Munich called Q. Managed to get in, danced the night away till 5am.

Dachau Concentration Camp – Because our driver, Naked Dave, is awesome, we managed to be able to fit in a 2hr visit here. Very fortunate place to visit.

Venice, Italy – Saw a glass blowing demonstration and also a lace making demonstration. Got lost all day walking around and loved it. Had a gondola ride around some canals, finished the evening with a nice dinner at a local restaurant with the whole group.

Lucerne, Switzerland – Went up Mt Stanserhorn on a cable car thingo, took a while. But the views were amazing. I walked all the way to the top and took a few 180 degree panoramas which look pretty cool. Had a cruise on Lake Lucerne, drank some not-so-cool local beer. I don’t think anyone on board actually finished their drink. Had a bit of a pub crawl as well, ended up at a club where the whole floor is sand.

Paris, France – Just did the usual things, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame etc. Best part was probably Moulin Rouge, good night to finish up on. It didn’t really bother me what I did though as im coming back later on my own. But it was very helpful to be with a few of the people on the tour, so that when I do come back by myself I have more of an idea where to go.

So that was pretty much my Contiki tour. Think we did 8 countries in 9 days which is pretty impressive.

Now im in Toulouse in the South of France gearing up to watch riders go past me in 2 minutes and go ‘wow’. Good times.