Im just gonna write this quickly and make it short because I gotta be downstairs to make my way into Munich and drink myself silly at a Beer House. Not being a big, if at all, beer drinker might make this an interesting one.

We arrived in Amsterdam on Wednesday night, and headed straight out pretty much. Hopped onto a canal cruise, with unlimited booze for 28 euros I think. Was pretty kewl. That lasted for about 1.5hrs, was a good ice breaker to meet some people.

Then came the interesting part of the night. We went to the most famous live sex show in Amsterdam, the Casa Rosso. Yes, live sex. Right in front of you. Was rather strange to say the least, and if anything pretty funny that they do this here and its so popular and normal.

Pretty much just headed back to the hotel in a taxi, which was interesting trying to tell directions. Very nice city and id go into more detail if I had the time.

Headed out in the morning to the Rhine Valley in Germany. Beautiful scenery, wine grapes all over the hills, some at 60 degrees apparently. Did some wine tasting, even got the try some pretty rare ice wine, and it was the best wine ive ever tasted. Bought a bottle of Reisling I think it was for 7 euros, bargain.

Then this morning we drove off again to make our way to Munich. We were making good time so we were able to make a stop at the very famous concentration camp – Dachau. Was a pretty eye opening experience I suppose is the best way to explain it. The sheer size of it, and knowing how many people could have been there is quite sad.

Now im in my hotel room, which is probably the best hotel so far, and in about 15mins heading into the most famous beer hall in the world. Good times!