My favorite piece / photo from the tour, by ‘Banksy’. Its actually only about 1m tall.

Walking through one of the older squats that was shutdown and is now used by artists who sell their work in some of the rooms.

Gonna write a long winded blog about all 4 days in Berlin but heres a short one of the best day…

On the last day in Berlin, Tristan and I went on on the ‘alternate city tour’. Its like the free walking tour but it goes completely away from the tourist areas and out into the ‘underground’ side of Berlin – the squats, graffiti areas, etc. Was really really cool. We had a guide that knew EVEYRTHING about all the different spraying crews and where all the big masterpieces were and what was new and old and the purpose behind them. Graffiti is a really serious thing in Berlin and the tour definitely showed that. Made us both wish we had another couple of days here so we could go back over some of the places again. Oh well…check the pics.

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