Lauterbrunnen is one of the most popular destinations in the world for BASE jumpers, due to its sheer cliffs, multiple exits and relatively short hikes to them. Its quite protected as well so its possible to jump all year around, even in the snow. So obviously I wanted photos of the jumps because its freaking awesome.

I was walking along the valley on the first morning and someone landed just a few meters away from me. Got talking to them and organised to meet up the next morning for some photos. The weather however didn’t cooperate and it was unsafe for jumping because of all the fog in the valley. The exit points are obviously quite secretive unless you are a jumper, the paths aren’t sign posted or anything so I didn’t know where to go without a guide. I was bored one afternoon so I went exploring. I knew the vague area where they jumped. Walked down a few marked trails until I came upon a random path that went off in to the forest. Followed that for a while and voila I found the ‘High Nose’ exit. I was shown the ‘La Mousse’ exit a few days earlier by some other jumpers but its not as good for photos.

I waited till my last day in Lauterbrunnen (my Jungfraubahn pass had run out by this time), luckily the weather was perfect for jumping, and went up to High Nose and just camped there for the day. From 9am to 3pm there was about 20 jumpers, some of them the same people just doing loops. All of them were quite happy to have photos taken, and even wanted copies. They were from all parts of the world as well – French, Czech, Swiss, German, Kiwi, Aussie, American – and all spoke perfect English.

So yea it was a pretty sweet last day. Would have loved to have a fisheye lens on me though. Also makes one want to get in to skydiving…Continue for the pics.