Today was my second day in Florence (ill get to the others in another blog) and I had booked a bike tour around the city. After having walked around the city on the first day and seen basically everything already I was regretting organising this. Was my lucky day because it was cancelled as there wasn’t enough people for it. So I made a quick decision to visit Pisa for the day. Walked to the main train station and went to the ticket machines and figured them out, surprisingly they’re quite easy to use (I just expect most Italian stuff to not work). The train journey is direct and takes about an hour, so it makes for a great day trip.

Once off the train I went straight for the information office, watching other tourists aimlessly walking all over the place just expecting the leaning tower to be at the train station or something. With my map in hand its a very straight forward walk to the area that the leaning tower is in, winding its way through very cliche little Italian streets. Once I got there I was a little surprised, the tower is smaller than I had realised. Im not sure why I thought it would be some massive tower because if it was actually any bigger it would have no doubt fallen over by now.

Another thing that I didn’t realise is that there is more there than just the leaning tower there. Apart from the fact the tower is on a huge lean, its probably the most boring part of the whole thing. There is a rather large cathedral right next to the tower, which is amazing inside. I think its also the only cathedral that ive ever had to buy a ticket to go inside. There is also a dome infront of the cathedral, which has insane acoustics. There is a walk way around the top of it and while I was up there a woman came in and started doing some opera singing style notes, which echoed perfectly inside the dome. You can buy tickets for all of these things, with offers for individual ones, choice of 2, 3, etc. Whilst in my research stages of this trip I read that its not worth the money to go to the top of the tower. And now seeing it I would agree. Pisa is a nice city, but only from the ground. The view from the top would just be of an old flat city, and its not even that high anyway.

As you can also imagine there is people all around the place standing, squatting and lying in the most retarded positions ever, trying to be the first one to get some magical new pose thats never been seen before. What I will never understand is how stupid some people are though when doing these posed photos. The person with the camera will be telling the posing person to move their hand 2.4mm to the left and turn it 1.6 degrees etc. It is far far easier for the person with the camera to just move around. GOSH! I had quite a bit of time at the place so I decided to make a photo collage of them. Because im way cooler than everyone else I just took a regular photo of myself using my mind to hold the tower up instead of my arms.

Continue for pics, yo.