The last few days in New York City was just basically walking around and going back to various landmarks again. You can walk around NYC all day and not go into any buildings and really not feel it was a waste of a day. The city is always buzzing and just walking around is a thrill.

I went to Nike Town and spent a few (many) dollars on LiveStrong clothing, including a bag to act as a second luggage bag. Macy*s also carry quite a lot of Nike stuff so I went there too. Stopped by the main Abercrombie and Fitch store, the one with the topless dude when you walk in. I knew that was actually real, but seeing it was just a whole new level of strange. The entire store is just full of douchebags though. They crank nightclub style music throughout the store and its really dimly lit and the chicks working there are all ‘omg like hi how you going yea thats wonderful’ in the most exciting tone youve ever heard. I left pretty quickly.

I decided to make my way up to Harlem and get shot. I mean go to a few places. The first being ‘Monks’, the restaurant from Seinfeld. In real life its ‘Toms Restaurant’ and its completely different apart from the signage out the front which they have kept. Got a few photos then hopped back on the subway and went to the Apollo Theatre. The place was buzzing with Michael Jackson fever. Huge walls covered in signatures of fans and a memorial out the front of the doors and news media everywhere. Feels quite special to be here when this happened as the Apollo Theatre is basically responsible for launching The Jackson 5 and from there Michael Jacksons career.

Rest of the time was spent doing a few little other things. Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge at night to take photos of the Manhattan skyline in the background, which turned out really well I think. Went to the public library to take some pics inside and snoop around. Ventured around Central Park again and went to a few places I didnt see last time such as the zoo. Went back to Grand Central to get more photos and also of the Chrysler Building next door.

Overall it was a great stay in NYC. I dont think theres really any main touristy things that I havent done in the city now, although I could keep coming back to this city over and over.