So this is what the America leg of the trip is going to be…


Flying from Sydney to San Francisco on June 16th. Will stay there for a few days, take in the usual sights like Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge. Then fly off to the city of gambling and strippers – Las Vegas. Probably wont have much ‘spare’ money to hit up too much gambling, which is probably a good thing. Will fit in a tour of the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon on one of the days.

Then it’s off to the other side of the country to the big apple – New York City. I went there in 2007 at the same time of year so this visit will be good as ill have a chance to do everything I didn’t get to do last time. Even staying in the same hotel. After four days there im taking the train down to Washington DC to say hi to Obama. Will fit in all the usual touristy stuff in the couple of days im there, looking forward to Lincoln Monument, a lot of good photo opportunities.

America then comes to an unfortunate stop and I fly for about 93 hours to get over to Nice in the South East of France to catch the start of the Tour de France in Monaco. Good times.