Well, New York has now come and gone. Had an awesome time. I think I pretty much covered everything I needed to. I saw all the main and some of the smaller tourist spots and attractions. Here’s a small rundown…

Rockefeller Center ‘Top of the Rock’ – One of the best views anyone will ever see anywhere in the world. You go up to about level 60, and you can actually walk out on the balconies. Can see all the way up and down town.

Statue of Liberty – Great tourist attraction. Looks amazing up close. Yes, it’s absolutely massive.

Yankees – Went to a night game. Atmosphere is NUTS. Them New Yorkers love their Bronx Bombers. Took some great photos of the field. They also won the game, cause I was there.

Down Town – Ground Zero, all pretty caged up and you can’t see much. What does hit you though is the amount of land they took up and how high they really were. Finance District, such as Wall Street and the NY Stock Exchange, pretty cool building with a LOT of security.

Grand Central – Huge. There are tracks there that go into the 100 and something range. The main room was great to see in real life and made for some nice photos. When I was there it was the day before July 4th and there were Federal Air Marshalls with sniffer dogs everywhere inside.

Central Park – Also freekin huge. I walked for about an hour and pretty much saw nothing of the park. I did however walk down the very famous walkway that is covered over in trees, which is featured in a lot of movies and TV.

Independence Day – I got some tips from some locals on how to check out the fireworks on the night. They were just after 9pm, and I walked down to FDR Drive at about 7pm. The amount of cops is unimaginable, this led to an extremely well organised event. And these dudes don’t take any crap, kicking people out for anything wrong. It was also POURING rain for the whole 2 hours beforehand, and then it stopped when the fireworks started. And the display was un-frickin believable. Bigger than any Sydney NYE ive ever seen. They went for 30mins from 3 barges in the river and were all synchronised.

SOHO – Shopping central, can find anything here. Like Rodeo Drive with its Chanel, Dior, Armani etc shops, with the addition of every other shop in every price range imaginable. Bought some typical I Love NY t-shirts for $2 each.

And the list goes on. Macy*s, HBO, Madison Square Garden, Empire State, Greenwich Village, Little Italy, City Hall, United Nations, Trump Tower, Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Center, Chrysler Building, Ellis Island, Wall St Bull, Staten Island Ferry, NBC, Woolworth Building, etc etc etc.

My last day was pretty uneventful, just went up to Central Park and the Museum. Got to JFK at 4:30pm for my 7:30pm flight, to follow the 3 hours recommendation. I got checked in, went through all the searches and into the gates before 5pm, so that was a fun 2.5 hours. I did however get an aisle seat with no one next to me again so I had more space. Then it was time for the captain to let us know that we were plane number 60 in the runway queue and could expect a 2 hour wait. And he was right; we didn’t take off until 9:30pm. The captain went full throttle the whole way, and made up a lotta time, but we were still an hour late, but I was getting in in the morning so it didn’t really affect things.

Now i’m in London and all checked into my hotel, and I gotta say that I miss New York. I’ve already been lost here about 50 times, because the streets go anywhere they want, and street signs are on the side of (some) buildings and not on street corners for some reason. I did see the Tour de France opening ceremony with all the riders and the opening Prologue today, so that was pretty awesome. Sitting in a spot for 6 hours to get a front row spot however is definitely not awesome. But I’m not about to fly half way around the world to stand behind a 12 foot orangutan.

So I’m just chillin in my room watching Live Earth at the moment, which is in London. Tomorrow ill go watch the start of the stage of the Tour, maybe try and hunt Lance down and buy some Disco team gear.

My current photo count is currently around the 1500 mark. I’m going to go through some now and pick out the best ones and put em up.